Amelia Knight nee Cadogan

A Letter on the Second Day of Summer

Mr. Tennant,

It does not speak well of your institution when my daughter is returned to me in a state of hysterics. After considerable time spent coaxing the cause from her, I have found that, while this time not an example of the school itself’s failure, somehow, it would appear that responsibility remains positioned on your shoulders. My daughter, a prime example of pedigree and responsible upbringing, was engaged previously in an inappropriate relationship with your “son”. How she was tricked into such improper behavior is another matter. The issue currently at hand is the nature of this relationship’s end. Darlene is quite distraught over Andrew’s decision to end things with her. Now, while I obviously do not approve of their relationship to begin with, this unexpected end is equally unacceptable. I can hardly expect a man such as yourself to teach him how to respect a woman as there is no example in his home life, but based purely on their obvious positions in life, he ought to know that this decision is best left with my daughter. Eventually she will wake up and remember her rightful goals and marry someone of better regard, but in the meantime, it is Andrew’s lower-class duty to honor his promises and commitments to her. Please advise Andrew to reconcile with my daughter immediately. I await correspondence confirming action has been taken.

Mrs. Amelia Knight