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Probably Never [T30 Midterm]


The shout rang from downstairs and the brown haired boy startled from his slumber, nearly rolling out of bed at the familiar tone in his mother’s voice. It was a warning, likely that he wasn’t up doing his chores but his head was banging to the point that he didn’t want to move. Still, he rolled to the edge of the bed, blearily checking the glowing alarm clock. It was a decent time in the morning and he groaned, not moving out from the warm arm that was atop his waist.


“Mate, if you don’t go down there, I will,” Reagan’s sleep ridden voice came from next to him, withdrawing the same arm that Will had been relatively content under. The blond dragged himself to a semi-upright position. “Though I’m sure your mum and I would have a lovely chat.” Will flushed three shades of red at his best friend, shoving him a bit to wipe the smug look off his face. He received a shove back and yet another grin as his mother’s voice rang out again from the lower level. “Go deal with that so you can come back and I can snog your face off or I’ll do it in front of your mum and then you’ll have more to deal with.”

The Cetus snorted and shoved him again, moving to swing his legs off the side of the bed. Like everyone else, Will gravitated to Reagan. It was nearly impossible not to. He was charming, smart, basically an enigma that consumed the center of attention. They’d been like this - whatever this was - since the beginning of fourth year. There was never a discussion of feelings or even real acknowledgement that this happened, but it did everytime they were alone together. It was almost consistent over break, especially since his parents were being right blighters. Ever since the O’Connell’s had found out just how complex Reagan’s folks were and subsequently treated their son, they’d been happy to let the other boy stay.

Of course, Will hoped his parents didn’t know that they typically wound up clinging to one another at night. It was never any more than a snog sesh, but even then he wasn’t sure how they would take it. He’d never really been open about that with anyone, not even Reagan. It was probably why things never got discussed. The only other person he’d kissed besides his best mate was Gigi and that was barely considered a snog cause he’d definitely freaked out internally. It was just weirder snogging a girl. Or maybe it was his brain. He wasn’t sure, but it was definitely something he wasn’t comfortable talking to his folks about.

As he stumbled out of his bed and into a haphazard pair of clothes, glasses perched precariously on his nose, he did his best not to glance backward. It wasn’t that it was weird - but, well - yeah it was weird. Totally bonkers. He didn’t know many other blokes who snogged their best mate on the regular and just went with it. But that’s what they did and it was always awkward for a while, at least for Will. He’d never been able to sort out his mind about it and often felt like total gobshite because that wasn’t what Reagan deserved from anyone.

But still, they never talked about it and so silence ensued as Will blundered down the hall to respond to his mum. He’d deal with what was in his bedroom later. Much much later. Probably never, in fact.
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