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T30 Midterm - Continued Boredom

The noises came in quick succession. It started with the tinkling crash of a single Christmas ornament, then a second, and finally, before anyone could make it into the living room, the ruckus ended with a loud crash. The entire Christmas tree had fallen onto the floor. Sadie Embers arrived at the scene of the crime, first, making her look entirely guilty when her mom burst into the scene.

“The fuck was that?” Cosette half-shouted, half-whispered. “Are you trying to wake up Ava?”

Sadie rolled her brown eyes. She made no attempts to look anything but annoyed. “I didn’t do anything. It was like that when I got here, Mom.” For some reason, Sadie and her mother started butting heads more and more when she started going to Rocky Mountain International. Sadie barely spent time at home, and when she did over breaks, all they did was fight. This was yet another example and it made the third year wish she’d gone with Bobbie to her mom’s house. If she had, maybe she’d be hanging out with Elliot instead of being accused of things she hadn’t done!

Sadie tiptoed around the broken glass to try and get closer to the tree, hoping to find out why it fell. Cosette made a frustrated noise. “Could you - Sadie, damn it, you’re gonna get hurt. Let me get my wand.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Sadie mumbled. Everything was broken. She frowned and got down on her hands and knees, careful to avoid anything dangerous. She’d seen some street performers who could walk on glass, but Sadie suspected that they either had special walking glass or a charm that prevented them from getting hurt. She thought it was super cool when she watched, but she got the feeling that it wasn’t something to test out on broken Christmas ornaments. She picked up a crushed macaroni angel in one hand, and a squashed heart made of tissue paper in the other. That sucked.

“Here.” Cosette reappeared in the room and, with a wave of her wand, set the tree up right. Her mom smiled a little, in the hopes that they could try and get past whatever the weird tension was between them. “I can fix those, too.” She nodded to the ornaments in Sadie’s hands. “And that’ll get all the glass off the floor.”

Sadie nodded and held the two trinkets to her mom. It took Cosette no time to fix them and send them soaring back onto the tree along with the rest of the shattered ornaments. Before Sadie knew it, the tree was back up and fully decorated like nothing had ever happened. She considered getting out a broom and sweeping, just in case there were remnants of glass that Hayden and Ava might step on, but she was too lazy. Plus, magic probably took care of it all anyway.

“What’s going on?” Cosette asked once both of them sat on the couch to stare at the tree. “Teen angst?”

“No,” Sadie grumbled. She pulled her knees up to her chest and sighed loudly. “I’m bored.”

“That’s it?”

“All the time. Everywhere.” Sadie shrugged. “At home. At school. Everything is… fucking boring.” She let her head fall back against the cushion of the couch and stared at the ceiling, as if that would give her an answer. “What did you do when you were bored?”

Cosette held back her initial answer, which was that she did Hayden, because Sadie was just thirteen and if the blonde was being a good mom, she should probably encourage her daughter to make better choices. That also meant not pushing her towards any darker magic - which was definitely the right call. Sadie’s birth family was one of the darkest out there (she didn’t know, of course), and Cosette didn’t want to risk any remaining dePrimos finding her. Everything had been quiet. Boring was safe. Boring was good.

“Quidditch,” Cosette answered after a little too long. “The secret passageways. I liked Pearl Street.” She didn’t know much about RMI now, but Cosette assumed it was… calmer and less volatile than her time there. Sadie didn’t have the Cardozos to brighten up the place. “How about this? This summer, we’ll take a trip. Somewhere excited that you’ve never been. So no matter how bored you get, we have something to look forward to.”

Sadie’s eyes lit up. “Really? Anywhere?”

“Yeah.” Cosette reached out and gently brushed a curl away from her daughter’s face. “I don’t like seeing you so unhappy. We’ll do something fun.”

“Okay.” Sadie felt lighter with even the vague promise that they might do something fun when the school year was over. She could get through her boring classes and mundane school life. “That sounds awesome.” Sadie hesitated. “Can I go to my room? I think I’m gonna take a nap.”

Cosette nodded, shrugged. “Yeah, do whatever you want. But when Ava wakes up, we’re gonna make cookies. Give Hayden something exciting when he comes home from work. And we both know that I’m a shit baker, so I’ll need your help.”

“Cool.” With the promise of lunchtime cookies and a future trip, Sadie jumped into bed feeling better than before. Her head landed on her pillow, and she gasped, having hit her head against something hard. She reached inside the pillowcase and pulled out a small roll of Spellotape. Ugh, weird. Assuming it was a prank from one of her little sisters, Sadie dropped the Spellotape to the floor and fell asleep, dreaming of exciting adventures, a better school year, and warm cookies.
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