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A New Approach

They were in Jenna’s room, which was a rather unsettling mixture of girly frills and anarchy. The Anarchist’s Cookbook was lying on the floor next to her unmade bed, propped open as though it had fallen there during the night and hadn’t been picked up. A stack of comic books, including two copies of Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, took up one side of her vanity while a glittery, too-large makeup case took up the other, leaving very little room to actually use the thing. Jeremy was perched on the chair in front of the vanity and had been talking endlessly while Jenna rearranged her magically expanded closet. Ever a packrat, she was going through her old clothes to see if there was anything particularly nice she wanted to pass on to Dakota.

Despite Dakota’s relationship to Rose Farnon, Jenna was enthused that she was finally in a position to mentor

Jenna sighed, clearly exasperated. “Why do you only ever go for the dumb girls? Why can’t you be interested in someone smart?”

With an innocent smile, Jeremy responded “With you around, I don’t need another clever girl.” His twin rolled her eyes, but let it go. Jenna didn’t understand Jeremy’s fascination with the girls who lived in that house. First, he had gone after Rose - which Jenna could kind of see, the two were in most of the same classes together at Harvard, Rose was pretty, and Jeremy was an idiot boy - but then not only had he gone after Marissa but he was still into her. It had been what, a year since Marissa and Raleigh had started going out? And how well did Jeremy know Marissa, anyway?

Like sure, the girl was pretty. She had the kind of red hair that Disney princesses had and gorgeous eyes, plus she knew how to dress and wear make-up. Jenna could appreciate all those things about her while also recognizing that the girl was dumb as a rock. Jeremy was going to Harvard and Marissa was getting some sort of degree in event planning from a college nobody cared about. A degree which Jenna hadn’t even known was a real thing until meeting Marissa. Plus, Marissa was best friends with Rose and while Jenna’s opinion of Rose had improved slightly since Dakota had started transitioning, it wasn’t drastic enough to make her think better of Rose’s best friend.

And again, Marissa and Raleigh had been an item for something like a year.

Damn, Jenna loved her brother but Jeremy was dumb. Get-into-Harvard dumb, but dumb.

“Look,” she said, giving up on her closet and sitting on her bed. She was wearing the sort of cargo pants that looked militant-yet-feminine, a full face of make-up, and the shirt she had slept in, one that was way too big for her and had a large sloth snuggling a heart on it. When Jeremy had showed up at her studio apartment, Jenna had been in the middle of getting ready for the day. It was 2 in the afternoon, but to her credit she had been out until 5 in the morning at a party hosted by the MIT magical-mechanical engineering cohort. Like most engineers, the magi-mechs partied pretty hard and if Jenna hadn’t taken a preemptive hangover remedy when she got home, Jeremy would not have fared this well in the conversation.

“Look,” she repeated. Giving advice to Jeremy was hard. “I know you’re in love with Marissa. But her and Raleigh really have something going and it’s not worth hanging around about. Time to move on. Go to a bar, meet a girl. Or a guy, you do you.” Jenna grinned at the look Jeremy gave her. As far as she was aware, all the Fitz kids were straight. “Just stop mooning over her, I’m surprised Rose hasn’t beaten sense into you by now.”

Jeremy gave Jenna a wry grin. “She’s tried.”

Well, that was something at least.

“Good. Now if you scat so I can change I’ll buy you breakfast at the vegan cafe.”

“Which vegan cafe?”

“Shut up.” Jenna threw the nearest stuffed animal at Jeremy. The plush elephant hit him on the side of the head.


“Leave. And find a new girl to mope over.”

“Okay, okay,” Jeremy raised both his hands in surrender and edged towards the door. Once safely on the other side of it but before closing it, he stuck his head back in the room. “But you owe me kimchi fries,” he said, ducking back out again before Jenna could throw something else at his head.

Jenna looked heavenward, as though appealing to some deity for patience, then pulled off her shirt and walked back over to her closet to grab a bra and t-shirt. Boy were idiots, and Jeremy was no exception.

She just hoped she’d talked sense into him.
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