soaring_2_stars (soaring_2_stars) wrote in outside_of_rmi,

A missive to Holland

Dear Holland,

The school’s magic continues to malfunction. Most recently we each forgot our identities for an unsettling couple of hours, and did not recognize any of our peers. During this interim, a student introduced herself to me as Dakota. I believe you are familiar with the student in question.

I had already deduced that Dade is transgender, which Drew did not refute. Naturally I have no interest in discussing the matter with Dakota herself, given the likelihood that I would be subjecting myself to unpleasant curses just for approaching the person, let alone the subject. Therefore I am writing to you for advice: should I continue to use Dade and masculine pronouns even though I know that others might be preferred?

I would like the remainder of my time at school to be as peaceful as possible. If you do not feel inclined to assist me in this endeavor, perhaps you would be compelled to answer in Dakota’s best interest.

Sincerely, Claudia

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